REMSpC Granular Deposit/Larval Mortality Analysis Tool

June 28, 2004

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Grainalysis is a freeware program that can be used to evaluate the deposit characteristics of granular swath-characterization trials. From input data including product weight, number of granules and measured larval mortality at each sampler, deposit characteristics are calculated. Metric or US units are optional. Output is available in tabular or graphic form. Output, displayed relative to the aircraft flight line, includes deposit (kg/ha or lb/ac), cumulative deposit fraction, number of granules/unit area (sq ft or sq m), number of granules/gram weight of product and mortality. Swath analyses of deposit and granular uniformity are also available.

Grainalysis is a companion program to Stainalysis which provides similar analysis capabilities for liquid applications.

Analysis parameters including sprayer description, sampler description and setup, meteorology and product tested are recorded for future reference of data sets. Units can be toggled between metric and US. Inputs are easily entered within a spreadsheet environment. Field measurements of sample weight at each sampler location provide input for an assessment of deposit variation within the treatment zone. If granular counts are supplied, deposit uniformity in terms of granules/unit area and granules/gram of product is also available . Collocated pans of larvae can provide information on population mortality relative to deposit(kg/ha) and deposit uniformity (granules/unit area or granules/gram). Calculated larval mortality in each pan is corrected from control data using Abbott's formula. Input data and analyzed results can be saved for future retrieval.

Swath analysis can be performed for deposit amount (Kg/ha, lb/ac) and granular density (granules/unit area). Coefficient of variation (COV) for varying swath widths is provided. By clicking the radio button for each swath (track spacing), the deposit pattern for a race-track application is presented in comparison to the single-swath data. COV, average, minimum and maximum deposit are also displayed.

A printout of trial parameters and all graphs is available as hardcopy. Input and analysed data can also be saved to an Excel-readable CSV file.

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