Slide Analysis

Rotating Slide Analysis Tool

January 8, 2005
Installer updated for Windows 7 and higher

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Slide Analysis is freeware that can be used to evaluate cloud characteristics from mosquito adulticide trials. When rotating slides are collocated with caged mosquitoes, relationships between cloud dynamics and mosquito mortality can be derived. From drop counts at different eye piece divisions (EPD), drop sizes are calculated on each slide and in the sampled spray cloud using the D2 approach to correct for collector inefficiency. Data can be entered while slides are read or as a slide summary.

Slide Analysis provides a full statistical analysis at each slide location
Tabulated data includes:

Spray Documentation
Volume Median Diameter
Number Median Diameter
Slide Drop Density
Range Statistics both on the slide and in the sampled cloud
Caged-mosquito response at 1hr, 12hr and 24hr intervals

Contribution of individual drop sizes can be viewed for:
Volume Fraction
Cumulative Volume Fraction
Number Density
Number Fraction
Cumulative Number Fraction

Multiple locations along a sample line can be grouped to produce composite statistics including:
Mortality, VMD, NMD and Drop Density with distance from spray line
Knockdown and Mortality relative to Drop Density in the cloud
A comparison of Size and Mass on the slide and in the cloud over various droplet ranges
Bulk statistics (all slides grouped) by drop size

Output can be saved as text or comma-separated value (CSV) files and as printed hard copy.

Slide Analysis is a companion program to Stainalysis and Grainalysis which provide similar analysis capabilities for deposit from liquid and granular applications.

Analysis parameters including sprayer description, microscope (Optics) setup, meteorology and product tested are recorded for future reference. Units can be toggled between metric and US. Inputs are easily entered within a spreadsheet environment. Drops of different EPD provide input for an assessment of drop sizes on each slide and hence in the sampled cloud. Collocated cages of adult mosquitoes can provide information on population mortality relative to slide drop density. Calculated mortality in each cage is corrected from control data using Abbott's formula. Input data and analyzed results can be saved for future retrieval.

Line Data graph provides the spatial variation of individual slide/cloud statistics and caged-mosquito mortality. Mosquito response, VMD, NMD and drop density are plotted for distances away from the flight line (0 location). Averages are highlighted by red dashed lines. Floating texts provide direct readout of statistics at each slide position. Composite Statistics graphs of VF, CVF, NF and CNF graphs reflect spray cloud conditions while drop density represents drops captured on the slides. Below the composite graph, VMD, NMD and average drop density for the full data set are listed.

Mortality versus Drop Density highlights the relationship between these two parameters. Knockdown (1hr), 12hr mortality and 24hr mortality are plotted. Mortality data are corrected for mortality in the controls.

Range Statistics provide a comparison of the size and mass distribution of drops on the entire set of slides and in the cloud.

A printout of trial parameters and all graphs is available as hardcopy. Input and analysed data can also be saved to an Excel-readable CSV file.

View the Instruction Manual
-Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download the Slide Analysis installer zip file
(2.3MB) Version 1.3 -- Dec, 2016

- Fixes an error when trying to save data files ("Invalid procedure call or argument")
- Fixes some graphing errors when printing results
- Other minor bug fixes

*** Please uninstall previous versions before installing v1.3 ***