REMSpC Stain Analysis Tool

June 8, 2004

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Stainalysis is freeware that can be used to analyse drop characteristics on deposit cards. Kromekote cards that have been scanned using any flatbed scanner (256 colour depth) can be analysed. BMP, GIF and TIFF file formats are supported. Notch filtering allows for stain discrimination by colour.

Stainalysis provides full statistical analysis for each deposit card
Correcting for Spread Factor, an output file for each card includes:
Spray Documentation
Digitization Documentation
Drop Density
Deposit Volume (oz/ac, L/ha)
Volume Median Diameter

Contribution of individual drop sizes to:
Volume Fraction
Number Fraction
Cumulative Volume Fraction
Cumulative Number Fraction

Multiple cards along a deposit line can be grouped to produce statistics including:
VMD, Drop Density and Deposit Volume with distance from spray line
Bulk statistics (all cards grouped) by drop size

Output is available in text or comma-separated values (CSV) format.

Main screen of Stainalysis showing a single Kromekote card (1-27.gif) within a group of cards that has been analysed. Spray information for the trial can be documented, as shown in the 'Spray Information' form. The colour notch filter for stain discrimination is displayed in the bottom left corner. Statistics pertaining to the selected card are displayed in the bottom right corner. Volume Fraction, Cumulative Volume Fraction or Drop Density is plotted as a function of drop size.

Graph of deposit statistics relative to the spray line (0 location). VMD, drop density and deposit volume are plotted for distances away from the flight line. Card line averages are highlighted in red. Floating texts provide direct readout of statistics at each card. VMD, average drop density and deposit volume listed below the graph represent composite results. VF, CVF and drop density graphs reflect all cards bulked together.


Swath analysis of deposit (oz/ac). Lower graph presents variation of COV with swath width. Industry standard COV of 0.3 is used to define optimal swath width. Upper graph presents deposit variability across a multi-swath block for the chosen swath. Deposit from the single swath is highlighted in red. COV, Mean and Min/Max deposit near the centre of the block are listed below the Composite graph. Choosing different swath widths (radio buttons) provides insight into impact on deposit variability across the block. Choosing #/cm 2 in Composite results provides a similar analysis for drop density.


View the Instruction Manual
-Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download the Stainalysis self-extracting installer
(2.7MB) Version 2.0 -- June 7, 2004
-Before installing Version 2.0, ensure that previous versions have been uninstalled.